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Everything you need to know about our Small Business Pricing Change

Over the years, we have transformed AddEvent from an add to calendar button to your one-stop shop for events and calendars, adding more value to empower our customers.

A lot has changed in AddEvent—and the world—since we launched.  Since our last price increase in 2017, we’ve expanded our offerings, including flexible tools to increase your event attendance and ongoing subscriber base, built out an easier-to-use infrastructure, and added Zapier and Mailchimp integrations, customizable templates, RSVPs, reminder and follow-up emails, and so much more. What may have once been "just an add to calendar button" is now the indispensable calendar and event center for hundreds of thousands of users, connecting people through events worldwide.

To reflect the value we've added and ensure we can keep investing in innovation and providing the best-in-class support you've come to expect, we are announcing our first price increase since 2017. The price of the Small Business plan will increase to $36/month paid monthly or $29/month paid annually ($348/year). These changes will come into effect on May 22, 2023, for all new users, and on June 21, 2023 for all existing users.

How this impacts you

If you are on a Hobby plan or a Small Business monthly plan, you have the opportunity to lock in the current rate for 12 months if you upgrade to an annual plan before June 21, 2023. If you have an active subscription and take no action, your next invoice after June 20, 2023 will reflect the new rate.


If you are on a Small Business annual plan, your next invoice after June 20, 2023 will reflect the new rate. If you have a non-profit discount, your next invoice will continue to have the discount applied.

The evolution of AddEvent: from add to calendar button to your event and calendar one-stop shop!

At AddEvent, we're constantly innovating and expanding our offerings to empower customers to engage with their attendees in a productive and delightful way. From creating custom integrations that make sharing your events easier, to collecting RSVP information from attendees, our users are leveraging and pushing the event boundaries.

Here's an overview of some key products and features we've added that have transformed AddEvent over the years. Lots of these were developed based on direct input and feedback from our fantastic and loyal customers!

then & now feature grid-v5

Our mission has always been to make your working life simpler, more pleasant, and more productive. As our platform continues to evolve, we’ll keep innovating to ensure that we’re staying ahead of the needs of our customers. 

Thank you for being a loyal AddEvent customer. We can't wait for you to see what's next!